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SeeDesine – In The News (III) - WixEd Spotlight

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

Hi everyone! How's been going? We were pretty busy and now we're ready to deliver the results. Remember that time when we shared with you the story and the joy of creating the SeeDesine logo? We`ll be honest and admit that certain blog post had the biggest reach and a lot of people liked it.

It seems the ones from WIX liked it too. And they liked the story so much that they came with the idea of making a short clip about our logo and how it saw the day light, everything put in such a light that it would be inspiring for those who, maybe, are stuck at this point, the point of creating a logo.

We'll tell you no more than that we're really impressed by the result and humbled by the fact that WIX thought of us when it came to WixEd User Spotlights. We hope that this isn`t the last time when you'll hear of us and WIX in the same sentence.

PS – Those are our voices! Enjoy!

Radu out.

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