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SeeDesine – In the news (II) - Website Update

Hey there, peeps! Hope you're doing fine. We're back at it with news (again)! I told you last time to stay tuned as there is more to come.

You discovered our updates regarding the team (Bogdan and Manish). Now it's time to share with you the updates we made to our website. It seems your feedback was rich and useful and we want you to deliver exactly what you desire so we couldn't ignore it.

I'll try to make a short list with the changes we made:

1. New Service: Branding Design

  • This was a mandatory addition to our services section since Bogdan is part of our team now. So, if in need of a logo, you know what you have to do!

  • You have a new Quote Request form so Bogdan will receive almost instantly your tasks!

  • Of course, eventually, you'll find a portfolio with Bogdan's previous work so you can get a taste of his skills.

2. Review Section

  • Customer feedback is really important to us. It's the only way we know we've done well or not. So we decided to have a dedicated page we're you can share with us and others your thoughts about the work we do. Please feel free to be part of a great community!

3. Separate Contact Page

  • ​Some of you had a hard time finding our contact details (they were previously found in the bottom of the site)! No more, we say! You have now a separate Contact Page where you can find our e-mail address or Skype ID, let alone the Social Media accounts. You can even submit your details and we'll contact you! Just pick one!

4. New Icons:

  • ​We changed the icons related to the characteristics and advantages of working with us. Some of you even told us that the smiley wasn't smiling enough so we changed it! xD

  • We replaced the buttons from the Services and Portfolio sections with more intuitive and clearer icons. At a second glance, we don't even know why we didn't do that in the first place!

These would be the little updates our website suffered, updates that came from your precious feedback! We also have a feedback for you! Don't stop! We're all involved in this!

So, thank you!

Radu over.

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