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SeeDesine – In The News (I) - New Team Members

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! It's Radu again, now as a news anchor for SeeDesine (any paychecks, Cristian?). Before starting, go to “How SeeDesine came to be – The Logo” and read again the PS section. Done? Good! It's time for news. For good news.

Well, it's been quite a while to set all the things straight but now we can finally announce (proudly, of course) the addition of two new members of SeeDesine !!!

If you read carefully the last two parts of our story, you might have noticed the presence of a new name – Bogdan. Some of you didn't bother, some of you may have asked yourselves who's Bogdan. Actually, Bogdan is the one who helped us shape the SeeDesine's logo final form. Without him, we would have been pretty lost because you need someone talented, someone who knows how to get things done when talking about logo design. He's got the drill, you'll see on our site (our logo speaks for itself). He sees himself as an independent man, an ambitious individual, an extrovert person. These qualities turn him sometimes in an arrogant Bogdan but, damn, SeeDesine needs him so … dear friends,

Bogdan Lupascu, “The (logo) specialist”!

The other team member we're really happy to present is Manish Kyal, a passionate young man whose invaluable coding skills helped Cristian on several projects. Going by the quote “The only source of knowledge is the experience of mistakes” he says that programming makes him happy. An ordinary man but a passionate badminton player. We were convinced, now it's your turn! Having worked hard to develop the talent he was given, Manish proved us that he's not a quitter. And guess who's aboard SeeDesine now ?

Manish Kyal – “The coder”.

As for now, this would be the first part of the great news! Stay tuned for more great news as it seems it's gonna be a hot summer for SeeDesine!

Hint – Next time we'll talk about our site so the hawkeyes around here would better watch the website!

Radu over.

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