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ICE Systems' brand new website

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

Super fresh and professional HTML5 custom WIX web design for INSURANCE CONTRACTORS EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS company!

Insurance Contractors Educational Systems, Inc. was founded in 2014 after they accepted the need to train and educate contractors on the delicate business of insurance claim work and reconstruction. They have 45 years of combined leadership and technical experience with several Fortune 500 Insurance Companies.

They have spent the last 15 years heavily involved in the creation and implementation of Preferred Contractor Programs with these insurance companies.

Their responsibilities included recruiting, hiring, training and coaching Insurance Restoration Specialists. They have built an extensive business network that includes insurance company Executives, Leaders and Claim Associates.

This design features a professional style with the use of blue color in the whole website which creates the perfect setting for an insurance company!

Blue color dominates in this stunning WIX website because is one of trust and loyalty. This color exhibits inner security and confidence.

You have to know that blue works well for insurance companies where trust and realibility are important.

Website link: http://www.icecourses.com/

Let us CREATE your WIX Website by GETTING YOUR QUOTE right now!

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