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How SeeDesine came to be - The team

If you arrived here and are reading this, you probably know by now that SeeDesine is specialized in WIX design for any kind of business or product. To be perfectly accurate and cite the “About Us” section, we build professional online environments meant to suit your needs and improve your business. Of course, we can be machines and mind our business and our business only but our products are targeted towards people so this is why we chose to share our story with you.

Maybe some of you are curious, maybe this will be a source of inspiration for others or a plain reason to identify our mistakes in order not to repeat them. No matter which category you identify with, the story will be split in three parts. In this post, we will talk about us, the team.


The first to be mentioned is Cristian, the founder of SeeDesine. Since he was a child he's been passionate about everything that means materialized vision, mixing colors in a way that the effects leave room for inspiration and creativity. Being the first Certified WIX Webmaster from Romania, he is a proud member of WIX Community. But aside from the professional assets, he's addicted to everything that's car related and he loves nature. Feeling free when being outdoors, nature seems to emphasize his creativity. That's why, before starting work on a certain project, city parks are his priorities. SeeDesine has been his dream come true but the following dream is SeeDesine becoming a big company having valuable colleagues. A company widely known not only for its web design services.


Radu, the one who is writing all this, is the Online Presence Responsible and his job is to make sure that everyone gets to hear of and from SeeDesine. Long story short, everything that's on SeeDesine.com must be visible on any online community and it's his job to make it happen. Having a strong experience in sales, he is a highly tennis passionate and a good coffee addict. In fact, if he were to choose between his girlfriend and a tennis match featuring Federer, you might get disappointed. Lucky him he doesn't have a girlfriend! Proactive, restless and with a sense of humor, he`s keen on music (actually, every single activity involves music), friends and books. He lives offline but always connected to the online. His dream is to be better than the previous day and why not, a WIX designer.

Two young guns, both of them having qualities and flaws of course but having the necessary courage are at the beginning of a new road. Hoping they're already doing a great job, SeeDesine - WIX Web Design Studio aims to become a company whose services widen and improve day by day. Until then, stay tuned for the second part of the story when you`ll find out how SeeDesine came to be. Radu over.

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