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7 Trends in Digital Marketing for Small Businesses to Know in 2016

So you’ve finalized your business idea, and are ready to start creating your website to get your name out there (smart move!) But now comes the tough part … have you stopped to consider what marketing techniques you’ll use to send traffic to that shiny new website of yours?

Digital marketing is a rapidly changing field. With technology evolving every day, it’s become more of a challenge to stay up-to-date on the latest trends that will earn your business the most online traffic it can get.

Good news: we’ve done the research for you. Here are the most important trends in digital marketing that your business needs to know.

Data Analysis

The more mature the web becomes, the more we’re able to find out about what people are doing on it – that’s where data analysis comes in. In a nutshell, a good data analysis should be able to tell you where your website traffic is coming from, and what your visitors are doing once they land on your page.

Of course, analyzing data can be a complex process (especially for a small business), but information about who your website visitors are, where they’re located, what they’re looking for and what kind of content grabs their attention can be just what you need to fine-tune your marketing efforts. Not to mention, refining your targeted marketing can save you a ton of money on any paid promotion in the long run.

Using a data analysis tool will help you answer these important questions. From Google Analytics to Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics, each platform that you use to interact with your customers provides an array of vital information for your business. Once you’ve gathered that information, you’ll be able to define your target audience and adapt your strategy accordingly.

Social Networks

When you think about social networks, Facebook and Twitter are probably the first sites that come to mind, but while these giants may be leading the way, there are other important platforms you should be aware of as well.

Sure, it’s important to be active on Facebook and Twitter, but don’t discredit the importance of having a presence on professional platforms like LinkedIn, and other avenues like Pinterest, Instagram or Snapchat. With that said, social networks are not a one size fits all solution; as with any one of your marketing efforts, you’ll need to invest some effort on figuring out which social networks work best for your business in the long run. For example, if you’re in the fashion industry, you can reap serious reward from a stellar Pinterest profile, while Instagram is a must-have for photographers.

Generation Z: The Future of Your Business
Let’s talk about Snapchat for a minute. This application is notoriously used by generation Z – you know, that tech savvy group born in the late 90’s. These “digital natives” were practically born with an iPhone in their hands and they’re now an important part of corporate world. If your product or service can cater to this crowd, it’s imperative to adapt your digital marketing strategy to their habits and expectations. Everything has to be fast, direct and preferably interactive. It is not enough to move according to what’s happened yesterday – you need to start anticipating what will happen next.

Mobile Marketing
Mobile marketing has long since stopped becoming an option. In fact, mobile has become so engrained in our marketing needs that even Google has started topenalize the SEO of websites that aren’t tailored for mobile screens. Needless to say, it’s essential to optimize the mobile version of your website. If you have a Wix website, here’s how to make it look just as good on mobile screens.

Instant Messaging

The fact that an emoticon was named “Word of the Year” by the Oxford dictionary unquestionably proves the impact of these symbols in our digital communication. The popularity of emoticons in recent years shows the potential of marketing via instant messaging.

Whether it’s through personal messages, banners or sharing content (for example,distributing your newsletter through a text message), all signs point to a growing interest in this trend.

Content Marketing: Focus on Video

Content marketing is a set of techniques that can attract the attention of users of a product without going through paid digital advertising channels. By sharing information, advice or entertaining content, it is possible to generate an organic interest to prospective customers. The result of successful content marketing? The popularity of blogs are visibly growing, email marketing is gaining ground, social media marketing is rapidly expanding and every major player is working on churning out new content.

Video is another successful avenue for content marketing with YouTube, Facebook and Periscope all making big waves.

Email Marketing Automation and Customization

Email marketing is undeniably one of the most effective tools in digital marketing. With our inbox flooded every day with advertisements and form emails, if you want to get ahead, you’ve got to send creative and personalized emails. Using Wix ShoutOut is a great way to create a stunning email that will help you stand out.

But what about automation? Sending automated emails when possible is important in order to stay relevant. Sending automatic emails when a user subscribes to your newsletter or makes a purchase off of your site is easy to do with Smart Actions.

Ready to take advantage of these marketing tips? CREATE a WIX Website with SeeDesine!

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